• You Wish – Ashlee & Randi

    Ashlee is kind of shy and a sweet girl from the south. She has some incredible tootsies and you only wish you could suck and lick all over them. Since you can’t, the next best thing is to pair her up with Randi who will give you the best version of what it would look like if you could do it yourself. This clip starts out with the girls coming in and small talk leads to toe love. First on Randi’s curled toes and soft soles. Ashlee can work them good with her mouth and since you have a front row seat from the camera angle. Judge it for yourself… Toe tops, sole close ups, the worshipping in your face this has something for everyone. Watch Randi’s enjoyment in the background as she watches her beautiful friend work the magic… Randi wants to get in on the action and who could blame her. Now that the engine’s running, she gets to work on Ashlee’s sexy feet. Mmmm what you would do to them if you could get at them. Well Randi will show you. The deep throating of the big toes and working from pinky and back. Licking and nibbling on her soft soles… She doesn’t miss and inch. I love when Randi gets her tongue snaking between Ashlee’s toes and she spreads them. SCHA-WING! Then Randi work more of that deep throat big toe love and slurping hot worship. Whew! This one’s another classic you will not wanna miss. These two can suck a mean toe!

    You Wish - Ashlee & Randi

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