• You Lose. Lick It. – Amy & Sasha

    Amy and Sasha had a bet going on a playoff game. With football season, it would seem everyone has a stake on it. Well needless to say, Sasha loses. So Amy tells her what she has to do. Suck a mean one. Well for some people this would be punishment. But for Sasha, it’s all pleasure as you can tell from the loving passionate foot lick she puts on Amy’s wrinkled soles, and long toes. It starts out with her peeling off those socks to get to those sexy fire engine red tootsies. In no time Sasha is deep throating those big toes… You get some KILLER FUCKING angles of those wrinkled soles as they are up IN YOUR FACE and worshipped. Then Amy decides to join in the foot fun. She grabs Sasha’s foot and swallows down that big toe! She gives all of them equal attention as she works toes and soles. Again, the DOUBLE TOE SUCKING action angles are KILLER as they both go to work on the sexy feet before closing this out with a kiss. Mmmmm I think Sasha actually WON this bet, regardless of the game. Don’t you?


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