• You Know You Wanna Lick Em – Sydney, Maria & Monica

    This one’s a WHOPPER at over 15 minutes long, but the action is go good in it that it’s going to be hard for me to summarize. I could type on this for some time and still miss the details. Monica, Sydney and Maria are watching some TV. While the girls are all bored, Monica has an idea to spice up the festivities. She keeps referencing her feet and how cute they are. They could use some loving. After some initial hesitation, Sydney and Maria get to work sucking on Monica’s sexy feet… You get some nice SOLE VIEWS as Monica is talking sexy to the girls on how she likes her feet worshipped and how it feels good. The girls then peel off the stockings and get their tongues flicking between her toes and up her soles… Maria switches places and get comfortable as the girls put a spit shine of those soft sexy feet. First on the stockings, with some more KILLER SOLE views as the girls put a passionate lick on those yummy feet. They peel off the stockings and get to working on those fire engine plump toes… The girls attention turns to Sydney and they wanna lick on her feet. She tells them she is too ticklish and as she goes to get away the girls grab at her. They then mix in a combination of tickling and toe sucking as Sydney’s feet are hyper sensitive, but that is not going to stop their foot loving on those tiny toes! They peel the stockings off and tie her ankles and wrists up… They worship those bare kicking soles and toes for a bit. Monica then pushes Maria down next to Syd and tied up her ankles. now Monica has them where she wants them. Bare foot and helpless to fight off her tickling tongue bath… The action’s hot, especially if you are into both toe sucking and tickling as Monica forces her tongue between Syd’s tiny ticklish toes and she digs her nails into Maria’s soles. You get plenty of passionate foot love mixed in with some relentless tickling of those screaming soles. This is extra long and broken into parts. But if tickling, stockings and toe sucking is your bag. This baby’s the trifecta!

    You Know You Wanna Lick Em - Sydney, Maria & Monica

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