• What The Hell – Danielle, Tara & Rachelle

    Danielle is pissed. She came home to a filthy mess. She comes upstairs and who does she find? Rachelle and Tara just lying around watching TV. Danielle has the perfect repayment. These two must get on their knees and make it up to Danielle by sucking her feet. Well nothing warms up wicked bossy woman’s feet like some tongue between the toes. In no time Danielle switches from bossy bitch, to cooing foot worship recipient. Rachelle and Tara really give those sexy feet a good loving. The killer SOLE IN YOUR FACE view with Danielle in the background in an instant classic in my book! … The girls finish up giving some good love and Danielle’s heart, or toes, have been warmed to the point she will share the love. Rachelle gets up on the bed, face down, soles up and Tara and Danielle work over those sexy feet. You get some nice in your face shots, as well as slurping and sucking sounds as tongues snake between toes and nibble on some soles… Last, but certainly not least is Tara. She climbs up on the bed for her turn. She has those long French fry type of toes and the girls get to working putting a spit shine to them. Licking and loving from toes to soles. You get some nice in your face action on these as well as the girls work their toe magic. This ends in a three way kissing as they make amends. Another spicy one!

    What The Hell - Danielle, Tara & Rachelle

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