• Up Close And Personal – Rachelle & Misty

    This is a nice clip because of the superior amount of toe sucking and the angles. The angles in this are KILLER. Plus the close ups that are so IN YOUR FACE you feel like you are in the scene! This starts out with Misty on the bed, on her stomach. Rachelle comes in and gets to work. You get to enjoy some nice SOLES UP toe sucking action as Rachelle works over those waiting feet… Rachelle moves on to the next foot and puts a spit shine on those soles. Misty wants in on the action and this is where the close ups get fierce and IN YOUR FACE with some KILLER angles! Misty works the soles and toes where you a toe tops view as she works over the sexy Rachelle purple, or lavender toes. Gobbling up those big toes… You get some more nice sole licking and toe sucking as Misty tries to take BOTH BIG TOES IN HER MOUTH AT ONCE! Then I move around for a sweet angle with the foot worship RIGHT IN YOUR EYE and looking down on Rachelle’s face as she enjoys a good tongue to toe bath. This sexy clip ends as Rachelle wraps her legs around Misty and pulls her in for a kiss. YUM! The angles alone are enough on this one, but the beauties and HOT foot worship put it over the edge.

    Up Close And Personal - Rachelle & Misty

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