• Triple Your Pleasure – Alexis, Renee & Rachelle

    Renee and Rachelle walk into the bedroom and find Alexis waiting for them. They don’t even bother waiting for Alexis to take off her stockings, they just begin sucking on Alexis’ toes and soles. They tear off her stockings and start slurping and licking those sexy feet and toes, making sure to get all in between the toes as well. Alexis takes Rachelle’s ticklish foot and starts licking the soles and toes (with a great closeup view for you!). Rachelle and Alexis then turn to Renee, worshipping her feet with their hungry mouths. Finally, you get a three way foot worship bonanza with all three girls sucking and licking each others’ feet and toes at the same time! This is a killer scene.

    Triple Your Pleasure - Alexis, Renee & Rachelle

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