• Toe Tasting Teaser – Sydney & Chelsea

    Who doesn’t love a little tickly tootsies with hot foot worship from two beautiful women? Well that’s what you get with Chelsea and Sydney. While admiring the view of the lake, Sydney has something else she wants to admire. Chelsea’s toes. They get comfortable and Sydney gets to work on those long toes of Chelsea… You get some nice sole views and even some curling toes as Sydney’s tongue tickles Chelsea’s soles. Chelsea loves having her toes sucked and you can see that in the background as Sydney knows how to work those French fry toes. Chelsea flips it around and gets Sydney comfortable so that she can work those little plump digits of Sydney… I love Sydney. Not only is she cute as hell and her feet are so ticklish, but she is all smiles. She is the cutest little thing head to tiny toes and soles. Speaking of soles, you get them up in your face as Chelsea sucks and licks on them among other things. Namely her second foot as well. Nothing is missed as her big toes are deep throated, soles tongues and all around hot action. With these two you get hot action!

    Toe Tasting Teaser - Sydney & Chelsea

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