• Toe Talk Toe Love – Allie & Tara

    Some playful foot compliments turn to foot admiration and then our favorite… foot worship. I have to admit that Allie has some superior feet. All you have to do is look at her and you can see she is one of those women who take care of themselves from head to TOES. Yum Yum. Tara can’t help but want to get those in her mouth. She is a bit shy at first, but in no time she is licking up those soft soles and deep throating the pretty pink toes… Allie before coming to work for us had never had her sexy feet sucked. But she’s come to appreciate the attention her toes deserve. She then gets into the frisk giving some foot licking back to Tara. Tara has some tender soft soles you just want to bite on. Allie gives as good as she gets putting a loving lick on those tootsies… Tara then decides it would be nice to engage in some DOUBLE FOOT SUCKING WORSHIP. So now you get to watch these two lovelies suck, lick and worship on each others’ toes with some passionate loving. You get the ever favorite SOLES IN YOUR FACE! Stick out your tongue, you can ALMOST taste Allie’s strawberry toes. Almost… The girls close this out kissing. Another nice foot sucking from these two beauties!

    Toe Talk Toe Love - Allie & Tara

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