• Toe In The Tub Love – Rachelle, Toni & Monica

    This is a HOT CLIP for a number of reasons. Let’s start with taking some women into feet. Then add in that they are bi. Then half dressed. Then kissing all over each other and toes. You get the picture… This hot and spicy fest starts out with Toni and Rachelle in the spa tub. Toni having a real life foot fetish always shows, but Rachelle is into it just as much as they DOUBLE TOE SUCK on each other’s feet at the same time before… Monica shows up. Once she does, add in some more good foot love as it turns into a three way of some of the most passionate foot loving we’ve produced. Soles licked, toes sucked, tongues snaking between toes. Sole in your EYE. The girls taking BOTH BIG TOES IN AT THE SAME TIME! First Rachelle, then Toni… Just when you thought it couldn’t get ANY hotter Monica gets it boiling. Making out with Rachelle before working some toes, then passionately kissing on her neck and ears. YUM! Monica takes Toni’s toes and has them on her chest. Hers on Toni’s. Force feeding her toes into Toni’s mouth before ending this steamy foot love with all of them making out with one another. Steamy foot love at its best!

    Toe In The Tub Love - Rachelle, Toni & Monica

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