• Three Toe Tasters – Sasha, Monica & Toni

    Take three of our best toe suckers, put them in a single scene and see what comes of it. I’ll tell you what… HOT ACTION! This starts out with Toni and Sasha working over Monica’s sexy feet as she sits on the counter. Toni on one foot and Sasha on the other. They lick over every crevice from toes, soles and heels… After working Monica into a frisky frenzy via the toe highway, they all end up on the floor. First Toni and Monica grab Sasha’s feet and both work their leg for a while, sucking and licking up true foot loving like you’ve come to expect from these three. Then Sasha grabs both Monica’s feet and licks up and down her long size 9 soles. Yum! But Toni is foot crazy as she has a real foot fetish and somehow manages to contort in a way that she can get to Sasha’s feet and toes… With Toni on her stomach and working Sasha’s feet Monica and Sasha now gang up on Toni. First each taking a leg to themselves and sucking a mean toe and licking up her soles. Also nibbling her heels and their tongues snacking between her toes before sharing a foot! Now you see both of them licking and sucking the SAME FOOT in true foot worshipping style! … Now the girls position themselves in a THREE WAY TOE LICK and all of them truly go to town on each other’s feet. Nothing’s missed and all of them are at maximum frisky before ending in the three way kiss. Yum! I have to admit even I rarely see our models truly go after a foot like these three. This must have been the last scene of the day because they had a little extra spice going. Enjoy!

    Three Toe Tasters - Sasha, Monica & Toni

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