• Three Stocking Suck – Sasha, Monica & Toni

    This is a nice one for the shoe and stocking lovers as Sasha, Monica, and Toni get down to business. Toe business that is. Sasha is waiting for her girlfriends to get home. Monica gets there first and after a little sexy talk, and remarking on her shoes and stockings. She wants a little bit more than ideal chatter. She peels off Sasha shoes, and begins working her tongue over her nude sheer stocking clad toes. Sasha always loves a good foot lickin, and I personally love watching her facial expressions. Monica is one I love to see work because she gets to into the toe sucking, you can’t help but get.. um.. excited. After some nice stocking sucking, she removes Sasha’s stockings and gets her tongue on those bare soles. The SOLE VIEW is very nice in this one as it’s IN YOUR FACE and Monica’s working those toes like you wish you could.. These girls get a little frisky. Especially Monica who loves rubbing the girls toes on her chest. She doesn’t disappoint this time either. Sasha gets intoe it as well. Curling her toes on her chest. Then Sasha wants to give some foot love in return. Working over Monica’s sheer black stocking clad size 9 feet. After some good lickin and sucking, she peels off the stockings to work those sexy toes. She also is a bit frisky, and Monica’s toes find their way to her chest. Curling on her. WOW!.. I do not know what it is about Monica’s soles. But everytime you get a good view of them, especially when tongues are snacking between her toes, and licking up those smooth long soles,.. let’s just say YUMMY. Sasha works over both bare feet and in comes Toni. The girls had gotten started without her. But no worries. They have plenty left. Removing her shoes, they get to work on her white sheer stocking toes… Toni loves getting her feet worshipped as much as it returned. The girls then remove her stockings to get their tongue between her toes, and licking up those small soft soles. Sasha then climbs up on the table as the two and three way toe sucking begins. Legs interwoven, and mouths on feet. The girls kissing on one another. Talk about HOT!. It’s safe to say no toe unlicked and worshipped in this set. Enjoy!

    Three Stocking Suck  - Sasha, Monica & Toni

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