• The Tootsie Taco – Cassidy & Kayleigh

    This was a concept one of our patrons had sent to us. In this clip Cassidy and Kayleigh come walking into the room. Cassidy is bored and wants something to do. Kayleigh has an idea. She has Cassidy get up in the bed and she rolls her up in the comforter, much like Surrender Your Soles. She is now incapacitated and at Kayleigh’s mercy. Kayleigh has Cassidy right where she wants her. Head sticking out of the top and toes at the bottom of the toe taco. She pulls off Cassidy’s socks while she objects. Leave my feet alone. I do not like my feet touched. Stop… Kayleigh is not going to stop. She is going to persuade her that foot worship is not so bad and try and get Cassidy into it. She starts off licking and sucking on Cassidy’s sexy feet and toes. You get some nice sole views and Cassidy in the toe taco in the background. Over the worship she comes to realize it is not so bad and she kind of likes it. When Kayleigh lets her go, Cassidy wants to give it a go… She rolls Kayleigh up in the toe taco and pulls off her socks and gets to work. I love Kayleigh’s feet with those long toes and perfect pedicure. Apparently, so does Monica as she works every toe to perfection. She also licks on those soft soles so that nothing gets missed… She learns well for someone who did not want to have her feet sucked and played with. Kayleigh’s soles are right in your face being licked and Cassidy is sucking on those long toes. In the background you see Kayleigh all rolled up and talking about how much she loves having her feet worshiped. Mmmmm. Indeed.

    The Tootsie Taco - Cassidy & Kayleigh

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