• Talented Tongue – Alyssa & Lexi

    Beautiful Alyssa is laying on the bed and is joined by delicious Lexi. Lexi can’t help but notice Alyssa’s ultra soft soles on the bed and wants to give them a lick. In no time Lexi is gobbling down those big toes and licking on those soft soles. Alyssa is moaning and telling her how much she is enjoying the foot worship… Lexi gives as good as she receives and moves from one foot to the next and not an inch is missed from toes to soles. Sole lovers are sure to enjoy! But Alyssa wants a mouthful of Lexi’s sexy feet as well… Who can blame her? Lexi has some great feet I would love to suck and fuck myself. Alyssa’s lucky day as she gets her tongue flicking up and down the soft soles and pedicured toes. You get some nice deep throating of those perfect big toes. You couldn’t ask for more than two beauties enjoying each others’ feet.

    Talented Tongue - Alyssa & Lexi

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