• Surrender Your Soles – Cassidy, Keagan & Monica

    Cassidy has some great feet. She has that nice meaty big toes and is super sexy. Keagan and Monica think so as well and wanna lick and love on her sexy feet but today Cassidy is not having it. The girls are not going to take NO for an answer so they knock her out, tie her up and blindfold her. With her out of commission, now her toes are theirs for the sucking… The girls get to work licking loving down those sexy big toes and soft soles. Lots of licking, nibbling and sucking around for everyone. The soles views are nice, especially with her passed out in the background. I move around to get some toe top views… Keagan, for being a new girl, really sucks a mean to with the best of them. Nothing like two sexy women sucking some toes. But all this tongue flicking as woke up Cassidy who is startled at first, but then comes to enjoy it. Feeling those tongues between her toes and teeth nibbling her soles is turning her on. She realizes just how much she loves having her feet worshiped. Muah!

    Surrender Your Soles - Cassidy, Keagan & Monica

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