• Surrender Your Soles – Carrie & Keagan

    Carrie is trying to blow off the advances of Keagan who has a craving for her feet. Carrie is simply not interested at all in the offer. Keagan is not going to be denied and has to take Carrie’s feet into her own hands, err, mouth. She knocks out Carrie and blindfolds her. She ties her up to the bed and in no time is licking on those soles… Keagan is cute as she talks to herself about how she must have those feet and these girls will simply not surrender them without a fight. She runs her tongue up and down the first foot and then the next. She doesn’t forget those tootsies. Keagan has managed to enjoy her fun, but now Carrie is coming to… She wakes up to find her toes in Keagan’s mouth. She should be more upset, but surprisingly isn’t. As the toe tongue bath goes on, she finds the new experience exciting and kind of a turn on. You get some nice soles in your face and toe tops being gobbled. The girls kiss and make up as they close it out.

    Surrender Your Soles - Carrie & Keagan

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