• Summer – Soles, Soles, Soles

    Two clips in one! 1) Cute little summer is more than ready to toe tease you like crazy. You get a LOT of toe pointing, curling, spreading in this clip. She did everything we had asked her to, and by now seems to know exactly what the foot lovers wanna see, and is not afraid to give it to them. You start out with a face, before panning to toe tops. Then we go behind the chair, and see those soles, and toes curling before rolling back around. Now summer puts her feet on table, and you get a lot of wiggling, point, curling. We then get a toes top view, before rolling back to some more sweet soles. She even has a nice big smile for ya. — 2) Another nice one with Summer and her tiny toes. For this clip, she was relaxing outside while we were shooting some other stuff. So we brought out the camera, and had Summer work some magic. We get a nice face shot before panning down for a toe tops view. She then props her feet up on the table, and you get a VERY close up toe wiggling, pointing, and curling show. Sometimes almost TOO close. You get it from a nice IN YOUR FACE sole view, before we get a top down glimpse of the toe wiggling before returning to the soles. We end in classic style with feet in your FACE and her smiling and waving in the background. Niiiice.

    Summer - Soles, Soles, Soles

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