• Stocking Table Top – Alexis & Chelsea

    Alexis is relaxing at the table and in walks Chelsea. She notices how good Alexis toes look in a pair of white sheer stockings. I have to agree. But Alexis always looks good. Anyways, Chelsea gets down on her knees and rubs and kisses on Alexis legs. She then pushes her up on the table for a better view and angle on some foot worship. She kisses and sucks on Alexis’ white stocking clad toes and licks up her soles. She then kisses down her leg and slowly slides off her stocking before licking on her bare toes… Licking up Alexis soft feet and between her toes. She moves on to the next leg. Same as before, kissing down her legs and then getting to the toes. Some nice face and sole looking down shots for her facial expressions as Chelsea works over her feet… Chelsea wraps the stocking around Alexis’ ankle to pull her toes up to her mouth. Hot. Then Alexis pulls Chelsea in, they kiss and it’s time to switch it around. Alexis is a quick study and kisses down Chelsea’s legs, pushing up her pants. Then sucking on her nude colored stocking toes… She now removes them from the first leg. Kissing and licking down her leg until the stockings removed and she gets to Chelsea’s long bare toes. Which she then puts in her mouth… Chelsea’s feet are ticklish and at times Alexis’ tongue makes them curl and spread as Chelsea laughs. Alexis removes the other stocking and gets down to sucking on Chelsea’s nice feet and licking between her toes. Sucking that big toe like it’s a … The girls then make out a little more to end the scene and you get some top down foot shots. This clip was so hot, it ended up going 16 minutes! It was only supposed to be a 10 minute scene. Wowsa! But who are we to stop hot foot action when we see it ;) .

    Stocking Table Top - Alexis & Chelsea

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