• Stocking Sample – Alexis, Summer & Carmen

    New girls, 19 year old Alexis and 21 year old Summer get their first stocking foot worship session with crazy girl, Carmen. Alexis and Summer are waiting in their stockings on the bed for their initiation. In walks Carmen and from there it gets spicy. Carmen first takes turns worshipping Summer and Alexis stocking clad toes while the girls watch their new found foot girlfriend. Then Carmen slowly peels off one stocking from each of their legs and toes. Slowly inching and kissing all the way up and down their legs… After some barefoot worshipping, Carmen then sucks on their other foot. Both still stocking clad before slowly pulling those off as well… Now Carmen has their beautiful painted toes and smooth soles exposed the way she prefers it. She shows the girl her toe sucking techniques, licking between their toes. First Alexis, then Summer and asking them how they like it. She licks and sucks on their soles before working her way up their legs, rubbing her hands and kissing all the way up to their face.

    Stocking Sample - Alexis, Summer & Carmen

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