• Stocking Romance – Misty, Sasha & Maria

    This is a hot clip, not only because you have the three beauties Sasha, Maria, and new girl Misty. But because of the slow sensual way they really get into sucking on each others’ stocking, and bare toes. They take their time working those nylon covered feet, but put in the same or better effort once bare. Let’s get started. Maria is laying on the bed, and in comes her girlfriend. They push Maria face down on the bed, and get into a position to sucking on her sheer white stocking covered toes. From this angle, you get some nice sole views, but at the same time Sasha and Misty really wok over Maria’s plump fire engine red toes… Now the girl remove those white stockings so they can get to licking and loving on those soft Maria soles. Watching these two in the same shot working her feet is HOT! After a good tongue bath, Misty pushes Sasha down on her back and says it’s her turn. Now Maria grabs a foot, as does Misty and they get to work sucking on her nude colored stocking covered toes. Sasha is really enjoying it, and her new girlfriend Misty… The girls lick up Sasha’s leg, and pull of her stockings. Maria does so with her teeth! Now Misty and Maria get those tender Sasha toes and soles in their mouth. They work their tongue between her toes, and up her soles. You get a nice double toe sucking action shot with Sasha’s face in the background so you can see her reactions as they tasty tongue lick her feet. Now it’s Misty’s turn. She gets comfortable as Sasha, and Maria waste no time getting her fishnet covered toes in their mouths… Sasha and Maria give her fishnet feet a solid worship before peeling them off and getting to work on her sexy feet. This is awesome for a lot of reason. First, Misty’s facial expressions in the background. Secondly, her soles RIGHT IN YOUR FACE as Sasha and Misty suck on her toes, their tongues snaking between her toes, even doing DOUBLE DUTY on the same foot. Misty is definitely enjoying it. Before working for us she never had her toes sucked by anyone, much less to beautiful women who define foot worship. This hot scene ends in a three way kiss, and footsies. You WILL enjoy! ;)  MistySashaMaria001N-1

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