• Stocking Romance – Misty, Sasha & Maria

    Sasha and Misty walk into Maria’s bedroom and basically assault her, getting her face down on the bed so they can suck on her toes. Maria’s wearing sheer white stockings, and the girls love this, sucking furiously on Maria’s toes while you get some great sole views. Soon the stockings are off and the girls are licking Maria’s sexy soles. This is two-on-one action at its best! Misty decides she wants a piece of Sasha, so she pushes Sasha down and she and Maria get going on Sasha’s nude-color stocking’ed feet. After the stockings are off, the tongues go between toes and soles get completely licked. Finally, it’s Misty’s turn for action and her fishnet-covered toes are in Maria and Sasha’s mouths. With her soles right in your face, Misty gets a monster suck job on her toes. This is a great scene with plenty of in-your-face action!

    Stocking Romance - Misty, Sasha & Maria

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