• Stocking Lovin – Luci & Sasha

    Sasha is back and ready to break in some new girls. First up, tiny Luci. She is all of 19 and is four foot 11 in height. In this clip, Sasha walks in on her new girlfriend. in no time, she is sucking on her stocking clad toes. Luci is enjoying her first foot worship session. Sasha removes her stocking and licks all over her feet and sucks on her cute little toes. She then moves on to the next leg. Sasha wants Luci’s little bare toes in her mouth… As Sasha licks up Luci’s soles, her toes curl and spread as you get a nice sole shot of this action. You can tell in the background Luci is loving every bit of it. Now it’s Luci’s turn to give back what she’s received. She starts out sucking and licking on Sasha’s nylon clad toes like a pro. You’d never guess this was her first session… Luci rubs her feet on her chest and then kisses down her leg. Peeling off the stockings slowly, licking and kissing all the way. She then puts her tongue on Sasha’s toes and soles. Really working her big toes. She moves on to the next leg before… Sasha wants to do a two way. She grabs a hold of Luci’s feet and starts sucking. Luci then grabs hers and the girls suck on each others’ toes at the same time. Talk about HOT! After a good toe tongue bath, the girls get together and start making out. Wowsa! Even after the time away, Sasha knows how to give us what we are looking for!

    Stocking Lovin - Luci & Sasha

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