• Stocking Love Foursome – Jersey, Maria, Monica & Toni

    Jersey gets a proper initiation with Maria, Monica and Toni. After tricking her to the bedroom, then push her on the bed and begin to worship her black stocking clad toes and soles. While Toni and Monica give Jerseys stocking covered feet a good toe sucking and licking… Maria is floating around the bed groping and kissing on Jersey, as well as helping the other girls worship their new friend properly… Maria works her way down to the foot fun and joins in sucking on Jerseys toes. You get some nice in your face stocking clad toes, as the girls suck on her toes before they lick and nibble down her leg, slowly removing her stockings to get down to bare toes… Now that the stockings are off. All three indulge in some foot worship on Jersey bare tootsies. Jersey wants in on the fun and gets Toni’s foot close enough to get her red painted toes in her mouth in a three way foot loving. Then Maria, Monica and Toni all work and kiss up Jerseys body and it ends in a four way kiss. Talk about HOT!

    Stocking Love Foursome - Jersey, Maria, Monica & Toni

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