• Stocking Footsies And Suck – Lynn, Chelsea & Sasha

    The clip starts out with Lynn and Sasha in stockings playing footsies before being interrupted by Chelsea who has a better idea and quickly gets their toes in her mouth. She works over Sasha and Lynn’s stocking clad toes before Sasha wants to join in and they both work Lynn’s small stocking clad toes… After some more two on one action and Lynn enjoying every minute the attention turns to Sasha and Chelsea works over her plump toes and soft feet still in the stockings. She occasionally runs her finger along their soles to slighting tickle them and get their toes to curl… Chelsea works the other stocking clad foot before deciding to remove the stockings. She works one bare foot, then peels off the other stocking and works the next. Now Lynn and Sasha tag team to work Chelsea’s long feet and toes in her black sheer stockings… Now you get a lot of different angles and views from sole to toe tops as Lynn and Sasha work Chelsea’s long feet. Then Lynn gets frisky and kissing down her leg, peels off those black stockings… Now she gets to work on those bare toes as Sasha makes her way down Chelsea’s leg and peels off her stocking before deep throating that big toe. Chelsea enjoys the girls working her soft toes and soles. Sasha puts her foot on her chest and the girls then move on to Lynn and her white sheer stocking toes… Chelsea and Sasha spread eagle tiny Lynn and both grab a foot licking and sucking on her tiny toes and soles. You get some nice stocking worship from different angles and then they kiss up her leg peeling off the stocking… Chelsea gets to work on her bare feet while Sasha is still worshipping the nylon covered leg before finally getting it removes and her tongue snaking between Lynn’s toes. The girls are definitely frisky and working those toes with a mission from big to pinky! They then play another game of three way footsies to close it out. Nice!

    Stocking Footsies And Suck - Lynn, Chelsea & Sasha

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