• Stocking Footsie Suck – Randi & Jasmin

    This is a steamy clip you will not want to miss. The action is good and watching these two sucking those big toes, stockings on and off, the soles in your face and some extra PEEKS make this one hot clip. Stocking footsie turns to toe sucking in no time as new girl Randi has learned the art of foot worship well. She shows you JUST how well as she sucks the hell out of Jasmin’s sexy toes before kissing up her leg to remove the stocking. The passion at which she attacks those feet is spicy to say the least… But Randi doesn’t miss a step as she moves on to the second one. She puts a spit shine to those stocking clad tootsies, before kissing up the leg and inching off the stocking to get down to hot pink toes. You get some awesome in your face foot worship and can see how soft and well taken care of Jasmin’s soles are. It’s no wonder Randi can’t get enough of them… The tables turn and Jasmin’s up. Her engine’s running after such a spicy foot loving. It shows as she kisses and licks on those stocking tootsies before burying her face in Randi’s crotch and then using her teeth to pull down the stockings. She takes her time inching them off. Inch a bit, kiss and lick and again until she peels them off to reveal those smooth black soles. Yum. Wasting no time she gets her tongue running up and down them, while working that big toe like a bj… Jasmin moves on to the next leg, again putting her face in the crotch to get her teeth on the top of the stocking. Inch and kissing slowly again until bare toes are revealed and her mouth goes to work sucking and licking. Her tongue flicking between the toes and trying to get them all in her mouth. You have a front row seat to this hot action and could almost join in. The girls end the spice with some kissing on one another. Steamy…

    Stocking Footsie Suck - Randi & Jasmin

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