• Steamy Stocking Sole Lovin – Rachelle, Renee & Maria

    Heavy duty two-on-one action in this great scene with Rachelle, Renee and Maria. With these three girls, you know you’re in for a good one. Rachelle is lying on the bed in black fishnets when Renee and Maria walk in. These two dive in, with Maria pulling at the fishnets with her teeth and Renee licking Rachelle’s sexy feet. They peel the stockings off with their teeth and get to the toe sucking, sucking so hard their cheeks cave in. Then it’s Maria’s turn, her big nude stocking’ed feet getting worked over, with and without the stockings. Maria ends up with saliva-covered big toes and well-licked arches and soles, with Rachelle and Renee ganging up on a single foot in some hot action. Finally, Renee gets a tongue bath on her tootsies, which are wrapped up in sheer white (and wet) stockings. Teeth pull the stockings off and Renee’s plump painted toes get sucked good. Her meaty soles get a wonderful licking, too. Hot hot hot hot hot!

    Steamy Stocking Sole Lovin - Rachelle, Renee & Maria

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