• Sore Stocking Suck – Tara & Summer

    Summer and Tara just finished with their dance class, but Summer’s tiny tootsies are tired. Tara is a good friend, and offers to rub them to make her feel better. While rubbing on them, you get some toe talk as Tara admires her feet, and asks Summer if she has ever had someone pay attention to her feet. In no time Tara is deep throating fishnet big toes as she licks and passionately sucks on Summer’s toes. First the one foot, then the next… When it comes time for Tara to remove those stockings she takes it REALLY SLOW peelign them off inch by inch, then pausing to suck on the stocking toes some more, and using her teeth, then going back to pull the stocking off a bit more. So for you slow stocking tease patrons, you will enjoy this. Once she gets the stockings off. She puts in the same passionate loving lick on Summer’s sexy feet, and tiny toes. You get some nice SOLE VIEWS of Summer’s soft feet and toes as they get worshipped. Summer then offers to return.. and she puts in a good loving lick on those white sheer stocking long toes of Tara. She licks and sucks the one foot, and then removes the stocking to suck on that big toe. She then moves on to the next leg. First stocking toes, and then bare. Summer’s tongue snakes between Tara’s french fry toes, and then Tara grabs Summer’s foot as they get into a full on DOUBLE FOOT WORSHIP AT THE SAME TIME. Two lovelies passionately working each other’s feet, and ending in a kiss. Can YOU say SCHAWING!!

    Sore Stocking Suck - Tara & Summer

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