• Sole Lovers Delight – Cassidy & Keagan

    Keagan and Cassidy are back. Cassidy is finishing up her workout and Keagan comes in to see what she is doing. She compliments her pedicure and asks if she can lick on her toes. Cassidy agrees and the girls get busy. Keagan has a hard time getting some angles, so she has Cassidy move to the middle of the room. She raises her feet in the air and you get some delicious soles in your face views… The passionate foot sucking and sole licking is perfection. You get some nice wet licking action. You just wanna jump in. The toe tops views of the worship are excellent as well. Nice long toes and that big toe big toe sucked to perfection… Keagan and Cassidy switch positions and now Keagan’s soles are up in the air. Cassidy wastes no time licking and sucking on those tiny feet and soft soles… Keagan watching Cassidy worship her feet is hot. You get some nice toe spreading, curling and pointing for added bonus. Those soles shine with saliva and perfect worship. I move around to the toe tops for some tongue between the toes. This is a nice welcome back. Stay tuned!

    Sole Lovers Delight - Cassidy & Keagan

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