• Sneaky Sleepy Sole Slurpin – Veronica & Jamie

    Our sexy little redhead Jamie is taking a nap. She has some nice small feet and plump toes for the sucking. Apparently Veronica agrees as she sneaks into the bedroom and kneels down to begin worshipping those sleepy tootsies. She does a good foot loving from sucking those big toes to getting her tongue flicking on the soles. At one point taking BOTH BIG TOES IN HER MOUTH AT ONCE… For a new girl she learns fast! Jamie then wakes up, but is not mad. She is pleasantly surprised and enjoying her tongue bath on her toes and soles. Veronica gets even more feverous with the sucking. Jamie then offers to tongue bathe Veronica’s big size 9.5 feet. She does have some nice long toes and meaty soles for the sucking. Jamie gets to work in no time. Veronica is a bit talkative and her toes are ticklish. You get some giggling as Jamie’s tongue works it’s magic… I make sure to cover all the angles from fire engine red toe tops, to meaty double soles in your face. Stick out your tongue. You are almost in the scene! Jamie puts a good loving lick on those sexy feet like a pro! This is a nice well rounded clips for the sole lovers and foot sucking fans. We have you covered with two lovelies and their sexy feet and soles. Enjoy!

    Sneaky Sleepy Sole Slurpin - Veronica & Jamie

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