• Sneaky Sleepin Soles – Allie & Onika

    Allie is taking a nap after a long day, but that crafty Onika manages to sneak into her bedroom to have some fun. Allie has some well taken care of feet and soft soles so who could blame her right? While Allie sleeps, Onika gets up on the bed. She can’t resist rubbing and kissing on those sexy soft long toes of Allie’s. Onika makes sure she doesn’t wake up Allie as she kisses, licks and rubs on her feet. But not long after the sucking starts Allie wakes up to wonder what in the hell Onika’s doing in her room. She tells her she couldn’t resist. So Allie lays on her back and lets Onika work her magic… And boy does she. Onika can really suck a mean toe and from Allie’s soft moans and coos she enjoys every minute of it. You get those nice sole views as Onika works that big toe and licks up and down on her soles. You always get those pretty pink toe tops as Onika wraps her mouth around them. The girls then switch and Allie rewards Onika for the toe tongue bath. Onika’s come to love her tiny peds sucked on as well and you get some nice in your face shots and reactions… Allie moves on to the next foot to give you some more hot loving lick. Then the girls each grab a foot and a mouthful of toes to get down with some sexy DOUBLE FOOT WORSHIP action. Yowsa! Nothing like watching two beauties working each other’s toes to take this to the next level and boy do they. Feel free to jump in!

    Sneaky Sleepin Soles - Allie & Onika

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