• Slurping Sleepy Soles – Jackie, Monica & Summer

    Summer and Monica stumble into the bedroom and find a sleeping Jackie. They can’t resist her vulnerable bare soles. So wasting no time, they get on their knees and get to work licking and loving on those meaty peds. Jackie has a nice big toe ripe for the sucking and Monica goes to work on it. Summer puts in a good licking and you get some nice sole side views… The girls start getting carried away with a mean toe suck, nibbling and licking until they have woke up Jackie. She rolls over and asks what is going on. They girls admit to sucking her sleeping feet, but Jackie is not mad. So the girls keep going… Now you get some nice toe top angles. Watch those hot pink plump toes getting worked by Summer and Monica’s deep throat action. I move around to the back to get those meaty soles in my face complete with Monica and Summer’s tongue attached and licking. Jackie in the background is enjoying her tongue bath. She is glad that she woke up to such a tasty toe treat.

    Slurping Sleepy Soles - Jackie, Monica & Summer

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