• Slurping Sleepy Soles – Carly, Callie & Taylor

    Carly is taking a nap and Callie and Taylor can’t resist coming in for some foot fun. With her out of it, she’ll never notice them licking and sucking on her freshly pedicured, French tips. The girls are careful to peel off the socks and reveal those soft soles. They waste no time gobbling down those plump tootsies from big toe to pinky… The girls put on a nice foot worshiping. Callie is a bit shy at times, but for some reason she loves to flick her tongue in a way that tickles. Taylor on the other hand wastes no time for being new and sucks those toes like a pro. All Callie’s tongue flicking tickle seems to have woke up Carly. She rolls over and says it is weird to wake up having her toes sucked, but doesn’t seem to mind enough to stop them… You get some nice laughter as Callie does more of her flicking. Carly originally told us she was not ticklish at all, but we found out quite the contrary. She has some nice soft big feet and those soles up in your face are just BEGGING for a nibble. The girls polish off those toes nicely with their tongues and the hot action will have your tip wet. Enjoy!

    Slurping Sleepy Soles - Carly, Callie & Taylor

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