• Slow Stocking Seduction – Alexis & Carmen

    Alexis and Carmen seduce each other in this mindbending scene! They start off kissing — mouths, hands, arms, necks… Carmen works her way down Alexis’ body, down her stocking-clad leg, right down to her tasty toes. Carmen stuffs those stocking-wrapped toes into her mouth and sucks them like you would. She then peels off one of Alexis’ stockings and starts giving those bare toes and sole the worshipping they deserve. The other stocking comes off and Carmen takes on both feet, on her back with all Alexis’ toes in her face. Carmen then gets her own toes sucked and licked. Alexis pulls off her stockings, licking Carmen’s soles and between her toes as she does it. This is one hot scene that ends with these foot loving femmes deeply kissing!

    Slow Stocking Seduction - Alexis & Carmen

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