• Slow Day. Hot Foot Love. – Alyssa, Staci & Lexi

    These three beauties are bored. Some toe talk leads to toe love. First up is Staci. She has some great feet and the girls waste no time getting them in their mouth. Staci’s soles are especially nice and I love how she watches her toes being tag teamed… Alyssa is next and she has a certain something about her. I can tell you that the bottoms of her feet are like baby soft. I’ve felt a lot of soft feet, but her feet are some of the softest I’ve felt. Mix in some wrinkles and spreading toes to make room for the tongue and you have some nice foot worship. She gets into it more and more, then sits up so she can watch the other two cuties worship her feet… Last up, Lexi. By now you know I think Lexi is the cat’s meow. Well taken care of feet, nice smooth soles for the sucking, plus a cute blond. She is their trifecta. She loves getting her feet worshiped and it shows. She gives her toe lovers some instruction as she bites her lips and give some soft moans. Three beauties in a three way foot feast?! Popping a toe tent is assured.

    Slow Day. Hot Foot Love. - Alyssa, Staci & Lexi

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