• Slow Burn – Jessie & Carmen

    Some of our customer and members had requested that we do some clips where they take a long slow build up to the stockings coming off and a more sensual licking and kissing on one other and their feet. Well you now have it! Jessie and Carmen were up to the task. They are lying in the bed making some small talk when Jessie decides she want a little slow toe loving on Carmen. She puts in a good sensual slow love on those stocking clad toes before kissing and licking down her thigh to inch the stocking off her one foot before taking those tiny Carmen toes in her mouth. The girls not only take their time, but the passionate slow tease they put into getting the stockings off, much less toes in their mouth is enough to keep the excitement building! Jessie slowly peels off that second stocking… and then licks up Carmen’s soles before working the toes on the next foot. Long hard sucking is about the best way to describe it. Now Carmen wants to return the passion. Jessie gets comfortable and Carmen rubs her hands and tongue all over Jessie’s stockings and checks out her pink pedicured plump toes. She gives them a loving lick before inching off the stockings before taking those toes in her mouth. Carmen then takes Jessie’s bare foot and rubs it on her chest and then pushes it between her legs. Jessie then rubs her bare foot down Carmen’s bare leg and back up to her mouth. They then put take their feet and go SOLE TO SOLE! … Carmen gets to work on sucking the next nylon covered foot and then slowly inches off that second stockings. Now the passionate toe sucking goes into full force and I wonder if they suck the polish off each other’s toes with the way they work each other’s big toes! Whoa. You get some more SOLE TO SOLE COMPARISON as well as a lot of rubbing and kissing on each other before ending in a sensual kiss between the two. You asked for it nice and slow, with a lot of passion and some SOLE to SOLE. Now you’ve got it. ENJOY!

    Slow Burn - Jessie & Carmen

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