• Sleepy Stockings – Lynn & Chelsea

    Lynn is sleeping on the bed. Chelsea can’t help noticing those soft sheer stocking clad soles. She decides she wants a little taste. Without waking up Lynn, she goes to work licking and sucking on Lynn’s tiny feet and toes. With the stockings on, Chelsea’s mouth works over Lynn’s feet without waking her… She now switches feet and works over that stocking clad sole and toes. After some more hot sleepy sucking. She decides she wants her tongue between Lynn’s toes. Removing the stockings from each leg. But OH NO Lynn wakes up! However she’s not mad. She quickly grabs Chelsea’s nude covered stocking long legs and starts rubbing them before she sucks on those stocking covered toes while Chelsea works her bare feet… Chelsea does a good job of licking between Lynn’s tiny toes and up her soles while Lynn works her nylon covered toes. You get some killer Lynn sole shots and double sucking action! Now Lynn kisses up Chelsea’s leg slowly removing her stocking. Now she gets those long Chelsea toes in her mouth… You get another angle of more double toe sucking action before Lynn removes the last of the stockings from Chelsea’s other leg. Now she rubs her fingers up Chelsea’s soles slightly tickling her to toe curling delight. Running her fingers between her toes first, followed by her tongue. You get some nice Chelsea SOLES RIGHT IN YOUR FACE as her toes spread and Lynn kisses on her feet. Even her facial expressions in the background are hot as she enjoys some hot foot love. Another classic long one and stockings left on longer for the fans. Enjoy!

    Sleepy Stockings - Lynn & Chelsea

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