• Sleepy Soles R Served – Sarah, Rayden & Jasmin

    New girls Sarah and Rayden have been introduced to foot loving by Jasmin, in this clip, they want some tootsies. Jasmin tootsies. She is napping after a busy day so the girls sneak in on her. Jasmin has some of the best kept feet I have ever seen. Soft smooth soles, perfect pedicured toes and it’s no wonder the girls want to suck on them. They kneel down and get busy. Like old pros these girls get to work deep throating Jasmin’s big toes and licking and nibbling her soles. They are a bit rough, or turned on so the frisky foot loving wakes up Jasmin who likes what she is feeling and seeing. Her newbies worshipping her feet… You get some FUCKING AWESOME in your face foot worship. If you like soles, they are so close you can lick them. The attention next turns to Sarah who has these little toes except for the big toe. Watch them curl as the girls suck and worship her toes. When they gobble down that big toe it will make you want to explode. This is hot foot sucking and you have a front row seat to the action… The girls do not miss and inch from between the toes, to soles. It’s Rayden up next and she gets comfortable. She gets frisky watching the girls each grab a foot and deep throat her big toes. They work from pinky to big toe and back again. You get more of those classic in your face sole shot along with worship so close you could only wish to join in… Rayden is enjoying her tongue bath and then Jasmin gets the idea to do a three way worship. She has the girls get into a triangle and they all grab one of the others feet. You get some hot three way toe banging as the girls all slurp down each other’s toes. It doesn’t get much better than this for foot worship and you are sure to explode more than once. Enjoy!

    Sleepy Soles R Served - Sarah, Rayden & Jasmin

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