• Sleepy, Socks, Sole, Stocking, Suck – Amy, Mackenzie & Sasha

    Amy is passed out on the bed, and in walk Sasha and Mackenzie. Leaving no toe unworshipped they get down on their knees, and start rubbing and kissing on Amy’s sock covered feet before slowly pulling them off not to wake her. They inch them off, before finally getting them off with their teeth. You then get a nice SOLES FACE UP DOUBLE FOOT WORSHIP as Mackenzie and Sasha gobble on those long toes, and sexy soft feet. Amy eventually wakes up to ask what they are doing. They flip her over, and return to snacking on those toes. The SOLE IN YOUR FACE worship as they gang up on a foot, and you get the reaction shots in this are FUCKING KILLER. We manage to get them with each girl!… The girls finish up worshipping on Amy, and now it’s Mackenzie’s turn. She gets comfortable, and they comment on her cute socks. They kiss on them a bit first, and then slowly pull them off, using their teeth! Mackenzie has some unique feet. She has those ultra soft sole, and those plump little chubby toes that you just want to have in your mouth, or crotch. In this case Amy and Sasha give you some kick ass sucking of those gumdrops… They again tag team on one foot for some sexy worship before the attention turns to Sasha. She is in stockings, so you get some stocking worship for a bit before the girls kiss up her leg and inch off those stockings. They then get to work deep throating those big toes as Sasha coos in the background. They AGAIN DOUBLE TOE TAG those CHOPPAS for your viewing pleasure. If you made it this far, I’ll be impressed. This clip is another one to guaranteed to give you lift off. The girls are slow and toe tease you as they remove the socks from one another so you get that added anticipation as they kiss on the socks, and then pull them off with their teeth. Then the double toe tagging on one foot from two lovelies, and those soles right up in your face… Yum Yum!


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