• Sleepy Feet Surprise – Jordan, Jasmin & Danielle

    Sexy new girl Jordan is trying to take a nap, but Jasmin and Danielle have other plans. While Jordan sleeps, they sneak in and start kissing and licking on her fishnet toes and soles. After a good licking they decide they want her bare soles and inch off those stockings. Once off, they get back to working their foot loving… You get some KILLER sole views and close ups of the hot worship before Jordan wakes up to the feeling of her toes in her girlfriend’s mouths. She is not mad and rolls over to keep enjoying the hot worship on her black polished toes. She definitely is enjoying the feeling. Danielle wants some loving and switches places with Jordan. The girls waste no time working her soft meaty soles and toes. You get the nice double foot sucking action as these lovelies work Danielle’s sexy feet… I roll around to the end of the bed so you get some more hot soles in your face as Jasmin and Jordan work those sexy feet. Danielle loves having her toes sucked and it shows. Jasmin’s last but not least. She gets up on the bed and the girls admire her stockings first with their eyes, then with their mouths… I have to say in years of doing this, Jasmin has to have some of the best looking and taken care of feet I’ve ever seen. Even if the proportions are not to your liking, the meticulous care she puts into them shows. Now if only you could suck on her toes like lucky Jordan and Danielle. But no worries. They suck the toes in the stockings before peeling them off and working those sexy feet. Jordan sucks on that big toe like it’s a … Well you will just have to watch to enjoy. But you have a front row seat as she bobs up and down on that big toe. Jasmin watches her two friends working her sexy feet before kissing up her feet, legs, stomach and ending in the three way. SCHA_WING!

    Sleepy Feet Surprise - Jordan, Jasmin & Danielle

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