• Shy Toe Suck – Cloie & Sasha

    People love Cloie and her big toe toes and meaty soles. In this clip, she returns the foot love to Sasha. Cloie comes in to join Sasha on the bed and in no time, Sasha has those beefy toes in her mouth. Sasha and Monica have both told me off camera how much they love licking and sucking her virgin soles… It shows as she licks and sucks all over those big feet. Cloie loves watching her feet being sucked more than the feeling. You can see her enjoyment in the background as watches on. Those meaty soles are up in your face for a loving lick. The time comes where Sasha wants some toe love and Cloie wants to give them a taste. Sasha puts up those black painted toes for some worship. She coos and moans as she gets her toes kissed on… Cloie is a bit shy to lick suck and worship. But she does get a bit more frisky as it goes on and she hears how Sasha gets into having her plump toes sucked on by virgin foot lover. Delicious.

    Shy Toe Suck - Cloie & Sasha

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