• Show Me Your Feet – Jillian & Renee

    Renee is showing Jillian a house, and going through describing the many FEETures, but Jillian is only interested in Renee’s FEET. So she grabs her papers, and sets them down. She pushes Renee into the chair, and tells her about what she really wants as she removes her shows. She gets comfy and starts a loving lick on those meaty big toes. After a loving lick on some stocking toes, she peels it off to deep throat those plump toes, and lick up the sole… She then moves on to the next one. Renee compliments her foot worship skills, and Jillian gets to work on the second foot. Stocking on, then offer. She even DOUBLE BARRELS THE BIG TOES!! Wow! Renee decides she wants TOE get in on the action. She puts Jillian up on the table, and in no time is licking and loving those wiggling toes… One thing I love about Jillian is she knows what foot guys wanna see as she spreads and curls her toes while Renee’s tongue is working it’s magic. She then moves on to the next foot, and you get some more soles in your face, and hot worship action. I think Renee could suck polish off toes. She also treats you to a DOUBLE BARREL sucking. Cha-CHING! Jillian says she will by the house if Renee and her toes come with it. JillianRenee001N-1

    Find it at http://www.footplaygirls.com

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