• Shana – Sasha – Marie

    Shana is sleeping, and in walks Sasha. She starts tickling her feet, then sucks, and bites ‘em before climbing on the bed. In walks Marie who holds down Shana while Sasha tickles, licks, and sucks on Shana’s toes and feet. Not wanting to be left out, Marie and Sasha start sucking on each others toes while Shana watches. Then Marie holds down Shana while Sasha works over her feet, and good… licking her toes, biting and sucking on her heels and toes. Mixing in the occasional tickle of Shana’s soft soles. Sasha is still working Shana’s feet like a pro. Every inch is licked, sucked or nibbled. Sasha is really getting into it, while she occasionally looks at the camera. Having enough of this, Shana turns the tables, and flips Sasha around. Holding her down while Marie works over Sasha feet and toes. She doesn’t put up much of a fight as Marie works over her big toes, feet, and soles. After a nice three way foot worship set, the series ends with all girls lining up on the bed next to each other, and playing a quick game of footsies, while we zoom in for the close ups.


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