• Sexy Head To Toes – Ashley & Jasmin

    Jasmin and Ashlee have some well taken care of tootsies. The rest ain’t half bad either… LOL. Watching these two go at it is a thing of beauty. The girls start out at the table playing a little stocking footsies. Jasmin gets up on the table and Ashlee goes to work. First on those stocking clad toes, then she peels them off to slurp down that big toe. Ashlee’s mouth wrapped around Jasmin’s sexy well taken care of soft long toes, mmmm. Ashlee doesn’t seem to mind either. She moves on to the next and removes that stocking to get down to some hot worship. Jasmin enjoys her new girlfriend’s appreciation for her feet. You get some nice close ups of those hot pink peds… That is before the switch around. Ashlee lays down on the table getting comfortable. Jasmin uses her teeth to pull off those fishnets and give Ashlee’s sexy feet some oral attention. She does have some nice ones so it’s no wonder Jasmin puts a good loving lick on those soft toes and soles. Watch her tongue lick up and down them before deep throating that big toe again and getting her tongue snaking in between before they close it out with some kissing. Two beauties from head to toes along with hot worship? Yeah, you will not want to miss it.

    Sexy Head To Toes - Ashley & Jasmin

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