• Screw the House. Show Me Feet – Sarah, Rayden & Jasmin

    First off, let me say this. This clip is insanely fucking great. The chemistry, the angles, the in your face shots of soles and worship. Something for everyone. That said, this was VERY difficult for me to even try and pick preview images because there was so much good stuff. You will just have to watch to appreicate the beauty of this clip. Alright, let’s get to it. Jasmin is a realtor, and showing the new house to Sarah and Rayden. sarah decides she is going to check out the upstairs, and Rayden decides this is the time for her to make her move on the sexy Jasmin. Those stocking toe peek shoes are too much for her to handle. She pushes Jasmin up on the table and peels off the heel. She then starts sucking on her stocking clad perfect toes before peeling it off and licking on those creamy feet… You get some nice in your face shots of those milky soft soles before Rayden takes them in her mouth. At times they look so close they are almost in MINE (I wish). Rayden is really into Jasmin’s feet as the deep throats that big toe… She doesn’t miss a thing however as she bends back Jasmin’s toes to lick and nibble her soles before moving on to the next foot. She removes the heel, and sucks a stocking toe before peeling off that stocking and working some oral magic. Jasmin then figures it’s as good to give as receive, and Rayden goes up on the table… Jassmin is working those meaty plumpt toes and soles good. Watching her work that big toe like a BJ always gives you a charge in the pants. But she doesn’t miss a thing. She works over the first foot, and then the next. You get some nice over the shoulder in your face sole, and reaction shots as Rayden enjoys the tongue bath… As Jasmin is finishing up the second foot Sarah comes down from checking out the upstairs. She says, What’s going on here?!?, the girls off to show her. She goes up on the table, and they wishbone her legs. One of these lovely foot suckers on each foot. You get some KILLER sole shots and some so close as the girls are worshipping that my tongue’s almost in the scene. Again, I wish. Sarah has some nice soles, and I love how her feet are proportioned with that big toe. Which the girls put to good use… They deep thoat that big toe, and work it over good. But they also get their tongue flicking between those tiny toes, and you can see that Sarah is really enjoying the hot foot loving feast on her tootsies. You get some nice close ups of sucking, soles, toe tops before they close this one out. Fucking awesome. If you make it to the end, I’ll be suprised. This is an extra long clip of some of the hottest foot loving you can imagine.

    Screw the House. Show Me Feet - Sarah, Rayden & Jasmin

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