• Sasha – Breaking in the New Girl with Misty

    Misty is a super cute, 19 year old, who is one of our newest models. She had never been with another girl, or had her toes sucked before coming to work for us. But we know how to break ‘em in right as you’ll see in this series. Misty’s waiting for Sasha to pay her in a visit. She doesn’t have to wait long, in comes Sasha to meet her new playmate. In no time she is comfortable and has those size 8 feet in her mouth. Working those toes and soles. Misty said after the fact that she was a little in awe, and shocked since she had never done anything like this before, but in no time she is enjoying her tongue bath… Sasha changes up feet, and you get some nice IN YOUR FACE sole shots as Sasha’s tongue work between her toes, and lick up those soles. You get some nice reaction shots of Misty watching Sasha worship those sexy feet. Sasha even take BOTH big toes in her mouth at ONCE!! AWESOME!! Step one of breaking in the new girl is done.


    Find it at http://www.footplaygirls.com

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