• Sarah – Toe Teasing & Soles

    Two clips in one! 1) I like these toe teasers as we get some nice angles and action. Sarah starts on the bed, on her stomach. I walk around to get a nice lingering sole shot. I then walk to the foot of the bed, and she scoots towards me. She puts her feet on the bed rail, and I zoom in for some nice toe top close ups. Yummy. I then have her start slowly running her foot along the foot board a time or two for a nice tease. I walk to the end of the bed, and again, have her scoot towards me. She puts her feet up on the ball and curls up her toes. I get some nice shots of those curled toes, and soft soles! I then move to the side to get some more toe top close ups and a few more angles along the way. I have her close it out with a bid smile. You just can’t want to see these toes sucked! — 2) Sarah has some nice small feet, a long big toe for the sucking. In this clip she starts out at the table and I get some nice toe top shots. I then move around behind the chair. I have her put her feet on the rail underneath and she curls and spreads her toes. I zoom in for some nice sole views of this action. I then move around to the front. She puts her feet up on the table. While I zoom in for some close ups of the soles, this little cutie does a lot of toe curling, spreading, pointing. It’s almost like she knows what you like and is giving it to you. I then walk around for some more toe top views of her wiggling and pointing painted toes. I move back around for some more toe curling wrinkled soles. This hot action will give you a nice raise. I then move out for the full body, smiling face sole shot complete with smile.

    Sarah - Toe Teasing & Soles

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