• Roomies Talk Toe Love – Mackenzie & Sasha

    Mackenzie and Sasha are just watching some TV and talking about their new roommate. Sasha is telling her about this ‘thing’ the roommate did the other day. She then asks Mackenzie if she wants to see what it was. She says sure and it’s on. Sasha loves sucking on Mackenzie’s tiny plump little toes and nibbling her soles… Tongue between toes and up and down those sexy feet. Mackenzie watches and is enjoying the foot attention as Sasha changes feet and works it over with the same loving lick. You get some nice IN YOUR FACE SOLE SHOTS of Mackenzie’s feet. Always a favorite of mine before she wants to see if she learned how to do it right. She has Sasha lay back and she gets to work returning what she’s learned… Sucking down those curling toes from pinky to BIG TOE. Mackenzie’s tongue works over the first foot and then the next. Working both big toes and meaty soles as Sasha is all smile at the attention she is getting from her roommate’s foot loving mouth. Nice!

    Roomies Talk Toe Love - Mackenzie & Sasha

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