• Panties, Petting, Peds – Misty & Carmen

    Carmen joins Misty, who is straddling a chair in sexy black stockings. She gets Misty up on the table and dives right into sucking those stocking-wrapped toes. You are close up with Misty’s feet right in your face while she does this. Carmen passionately works Misty’s feet, then inches her stockings off to get to the meat of the matter. Misty’s big toe gets a major sucking here, and Carmen is not shy about licking Misty’s legs either. She gets all those digits in her mouth for a sensual tongueing. Misty pulls a switcheroo, now Carmen’s on the table with Misty taking off Carmen’s shoes. Misty’s toe sucking gets Carmen really curling and spreading those tiny toes of hers. In your face sole licking follows, plus Misty gets both those big toes in her mouth during the suckfest! This is a superhot foot worshipping makeout scene!

    Panties, Petting, Peds - Misty & Carmen

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