• New Girl Stocking Love – Tigger & Renee

    Cutie Tigger is 20 years old and this is her FIRST girl-girl foot worship scene! Witness the taking of her foot virginity by Renee. Tigger starts in fishnets and Renee in white sheer stockings. They play footsies and next thing you know, they are kissing. The toes get the next attention, with Tigger kissing down Renee’s legs to her red painted toes. She sucks those plump digits good through the stockings, then she slowly inches the stockings down. Bare foot worship follows with great sucking and sole licking, and tongue between toes. You will not believe this is Tigger’s first time but it really is, this girl just has the urge in her blood. Renee starts working on Tigger, peeling the fishnets off and deeply sucking each toe, from big toe to pinky toe. Same treatment on the other foot, it’s like she’s giving the big toe a BJ! This is foot worship at its best.

    New Girl Stocking Love - Tigger & Renee

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