• New Girl First Foot Love – Lilah, Gabi & Chelsea

    This is an extended version of two new girl foot worship sessions. First up is Lilah. Traditionally we have new girls broken in with Maria, or Carmen. But this is Chelsea’s turn to pass on what she’s learned in the art of foot worship. Lilah is just waiting on the bed and in comes Chelsea. They make some small talk and Chelsea starts rubbing Lilah’s big size 10 feet. She start out by tenderly kissing on them, before starting the toe sucking. Licking on her soles and sucking on her big toes… After she has worshipped the one foot. She moves on to the other. A little more intense this time with the foot worship session. Chelsea has picked up some of Carmen’s tricks with the sole biting, before returning to licking and sucking. The first half ends as Chelsea flops down next to Lilah… Next its adorable Gabi’s turn. Gabi is all of 5 foot tall. She has some freshly pedicured cute little feet and toes. Which Chelsea will more than take advantage of. Gabi walks in as Chelsea is lying down. Hoping up on the bed. In no time, Chelsea is rubbing and kissing on her toes. Gabi is kind of in awe as her feet are worshipped as she’s never had it done before, much less by another woman… Chelsea moves on to the other foot now. Licking on Gabi’s little feet and soles. Sucking on her cute little digits. Deep throating her big toes and working over all over for a proper foot worship initiation. Mission accomplished!

    New Girl First Foot Love - Lilah, Gabi & Chelsea

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