• My Feet Hurt – Jillian, Allie & Onika

    Jillian, Allie and Onika are coming home from the mall and after a day of being on their feet. They need some relief. Onika and Jillian decide to put Allie on the bed and make her feet feel better. They spread her like a wishbone and get to work. You get those delicious soles in your face with two beauties sucking the hell out of them… Allie is definitely enjoying as you see her in the background and the others worshipping her long toes and soles. Jillian’s feet need some attention, so now she gets in the middle and the girls start licking and sucking her toes and sole… One thing I love about Jillian is she will wiggle, curl and spread her toes when they are being sucked on. For some reason, that adds a little extra excitement in the foot worship for me and most girls do not do it. Sole in your face, wiggling toes, enjoyment in the back. You get some nice action and wet toes you can see glistening in the sun… Onika is last and gets comfortable. She says, it’s about time ladies. Onika really gets into having her toes sucked. Both verbally and from facial expressions in the background. She also gets some nice wet toes and soles… Toe tops, soles, everything is sucked and licked to your delight from these two cuties. The girls close it out when Onika tells them to come in and get her some kisses.

    My Feet Hurt - Jillian, Allie & Onika

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